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This is an amateur run site, no vets were involved in writing any of this stuff. It is all based on searching the Internet, books, etc. to find the answers to common questions about pets or about flea problems. Always remember that the Internet CAN'T substitute for taking your pet to the vet. Please, please don't risk your pet's health because you think you can treat it with home remedies - these pages aren't meant to replace your vet, they're meant to help you figure out when there is a problem and figure out what to do about it.

If you have any questions you want answered, you can send an email to this address or you can go post about it in the forums. If you e-mail a question that isn't answered here already, I'll try to find out something about it online if I can and put up a page about it with your question.

If you're a vet and you want to write articles about stuff for fun or to promote your practice, feel free to send an e-mail as well.

If you have your own web site and like this one, feel free to link to it. However, no one has permission to copy any of the articles here and no one has been given permission to do so. You are welcome to describe them, refer to them, or link to them on your site, but you may not take the actual text of this web site and use it anywhere else. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but I can't and won't let people use large portions of the text of the site elsewhere with the way search engines work (I would get penalized).

If you are a pet supplies company and want me to review something, you're also welcome to e-mail.

How do I advertise on the site?

All of the ads on the site come through Google's Adwords program, and anyone can sign up and put ads on this site. In 2006, the site received roughly 215,000 unique visitors, most of whom came here by searching for phrases related to fleas. If your business sells flea products, that's a big benefit - you are advertising directly to people who have already indicated their pets have fleas. You can sign up for Adwords here.

How to advertise on this site in Adwords:

On the right of the screen in your Campaign Summary, you should see an option to create a "site-targeted" campaign. Clicking that will let you create your ad.

After you've created your ad, Adwords will bring up an option called "Target Ad" with four selections. Use "List URLs", and type in "fleascontrol.com" into the box on the right. That will let you create an ad specifically for this site.

At the end, you'll be asked to set your preferred "CPM" or how much you pay for 1000 people to see the ad. You may have to adjust it upward to get the ads to show up, because you will be bidding against other people who want to put ads on the site for available spots. Keep in mind that many people come to the site specifically to buy something to kill fleas, so it's well worth the cost. If you have any trouble, feel free to send an e-mail here or to a Google representative.

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