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People with puppies often have a problem - they can't just use any flea control product on their pet because it's just too young. Those advisories aren't just "advice" - they're a serious warning. You'll need to look around for specific products that are designed to be used with younger animals, or you may just have to wait a couple of weeks until you can actually do something permanently about the fleas. Bayer makes a product that can deal with this called Advantage.


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If you absolutely need to get immediate relief for your flea problem and you have a young puppy, Advantage may be a better bet than some other medicines. One of the great parts about this particular brand of medicine is that it can be used on dogs as young as seven weeks. That's about a week earlier than many other flea medicine brands, and you should definitely consider it. If you're not sure about the age of your puppy, err on the safe side - you'll need to use flea medicine on your pet when you're sure it's old enough, but you can always get it and hold off for a couple of weeks. Use natural flea control methods in the short run, like bathing your puppy in baby soap or vacuuming frequently. Then, when you know it's old enough, start using the medicine. You probably won't be able to completely get rid of the fleas until your puppy is old enough, but you will be able to cut down on the problem. I'd suggest at least trying out a natural solution first anyway with puppies because sometimes you will be able to get rid of them, and by then they should have aged enough that using a medicine is not an issue. 

Dosing: If you've got a dog, you'll need to weigh it beforehand to get the right dose - they range from - under 10 pounds, 11-20 pounds, 21-55 pounds, and over 55 pounds. If you've got a cat, then it's easier- under 9 pounds or over 10 pounds. There isn't a specific brand designed for puppies - once it hits the seven-week mark, it's safe to start using advantage.

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