Advantage Bathing Restrictions

If you want an alternative to Frontline, you should look at this. It's basically a different product for different people - it's applied as a topical oil, and it does have some reasons that you would want to use it instead. The big one of these is the ability to get your pet wet - pretty important for if they will need a bath.


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Bathing Restrictions

With other flea medicines, such as Frontline, you can't bathe the animal immediately before or after applying it. Advantage has the benefit that the pet can be bathed almost immediately. That's a big plus - first of all, because with Frontline, you can't bathe the animal for 2 days before applying it. This could be a problem if you have recently bathed your pet and then decide that you need to get rid of fleas with something more powerful. Many people try a bath as a home remedy first, and if you decide to switch, Advantage will let you do so right away. Urgency is a factor here, especially given the annoyance of fleas. It can also be good if you want or need to let your pet outside again - dogs especially often will go get themselves wet, or it could rain. If you have a pet who spends a lot of time outdoors, it's great to be able to let them back out rather than forcing them to stay inside for a couple of days. You can regularly bathe your pet without worrying about having to reapply Advantage.

Dosing: If you've got a dog, you'll need to weigh it beforehand to get the right dose - they range from - under 10 pounds, 11-20 pounds, 21-55 pounds, and over 55 pounds. If you've got a cat, then it's easier- under 9 pounds or over 10 pounds.

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