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This medicine works directly on the nervous systems of fleas. This has some great effects on the fleas that many other flea medicines don't give - namely, when fleas get exposed to it, they are rendered unable to bite within three minutes or so because of the damage it does to them. They can still move around for awhile, and they won't die for another 12-24 hours, but they are severely inhibited. This is one of the main benefits of Advantage - you can get relief immediately by making sure that the fleas can't do anything to you or your pet.


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When you apply Advantage Flea Medicine , it will be in a small dot on your pet, but it spreads around very rapidly to the rest of the animal via body movement. It deposits mainly near the base of the hair follicles, making sure that it's exactly where the fleas will be crawling around and trying to bite your pet. This gives you another benefit in that you don't have to get exposed to it as much - most of the chemicals will be underneath your dog or cat's fur. Overall, this is a very good product - it will take care of your flea problem, and it is probably one of the fastest working flea medicines available.

Dosing: If you've got a dog, you'll need to weigh it beforehand to get the right dose - they range from - under 10 pounds, 11-20 pounds, 21-55 pounds, and over 55 pounds. If you've got a cat, then it's easier- under 9 pounds or over 10 pounds.

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