Advantage is another product you should take a look at. It's the second-biggest in terms of market share behind Frontline, and it's made by Bayer. It's a topical application product, and it has some advantages and disadvantages as compared to Frontline. Regardless of the market share, it's still a good product, and some vets swear by it as more effective in terms of getting rid of fleas.


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One of the promoted benefits as compared to Frontline is that it can be more effective at killing fleas. We're talking one or two percent differences in terms of how many die, but that can actually make a big difference in whether or not you get rid of your fleas - one surviving flea can lay dozens of eggs in a day, so the problem can just spiral back out of control again. It's also quick-acting, which is another reason you'd want it - a lot of people want relief immediately from the fleas and don't want to have to wait for it to filter through the life cycle. It takes about 12 hours to kill off all the fleas on your pet, but in about 5 minutes they're rendered incapable of biting.

One bad thing (potentially) about Advantage is that because it acts through the skin, young children will need to be kept away from the application spot for at least a day or so. This can be kind of hard, as anyone with kids knows, so if you have kids who you don't think you could keep from messing with Fido for a little while you might not want to go with it. The other big problem is that it doesn't kill ticks. People who live in areas filled with both ticks and fleas may not want this either. Some people just have the flea problem, however, and if so this is the way to go. If you've got a dog, you'll need to weigh it beforehand to get the right dose - they range from - under 10 pounds, 11-20 pounds, 21-55 pounds, and over 55 pounds. If you've got a cat, then it's easier- under 9 pounds or over 10 pounds.

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