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When you've got a dog, you're going to get fleas. This is one of the better flea control products on the market for dealing with fleas on dogs, and you should consider buying it if you've got recurring flea problems. Advantage can stop fleas from biting within a minute or two - when they come in contact with your dog, they will get damage to their nervous system simply by crawling around in the fur and getting exposed to the medicine. This can give you immediate relief for flea bites, because you won't have to wait around for the eggs or larva to die off like with some methods.


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The main reason to go with Advantage as opposed to other flea control products on your dog is because of the lack of bathing restrictions. This is the biggest plus for it as compared to others - with Frontline, you have to wait a couple of days after using it before the dog can take a bath. If you've got a dog who likes to get wet, or it rains, it can reduce the effectiveness of the medicine. Advantage is pretty much waterproof, and this is something a lot of people buy it for - you don't have to wait that long before your dog can be exposed to water, so you can let it outside on the same day you're using the flea medicine. That keeps you from having to corral the dog indoors, making it uncomfortable and likely to get antsy and start acting out.

Dosing: If you've got a dog, you'll need to weigh it beforehand to get the right dose - they range from - under 10 pounds, 11-20 pounds, 21-55 pounds, and over 55 pounds. If you've got a cat, then it's easier- under 9 pounds or over 10 pounds.

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