What is a cage dryer?

It's a quick, easy way to dry off pets. It's mostly used by veterinarians or groomers, and you probably don't need one if you've just got one dog or cat. Basically, it's a heavy duty dryer that attaches to animal cages. So you just hook it onto your dog or cat's cage, and it blows in warm air that will quickly dry the pet off after being bathed. It is a high enough temperature to get it done fairly quickly, which avoids respiratory illnesses in the pet that can happen if it's not dried off quickly enough after a bath. There are some legitimate reasons you might want this, though, if you are frequently bathing your pet for some reason (skin conditions come to mind).


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Challengair 560 - Available Online Here for about $315.

This is a pretty advanced one that monitors the cage's internal temperature and adjusts the air flow to keep it high enough to avoid unsafe temperatures.


High Velocity Pet Dryer - This is available here for about $210. You can either attach this to a cage or set it up on a stand so that it's on a table pointed at the pet.

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