Can cats drink milk?

Yes, it is OK to give milk to your cats - but only as a treat. They CANNOT survive on milk alone, they need to have water available. If they do not have water, they will dehydrate. Milk can sometimes cause diarrhea in adult cats - if that happens to your cat, then stop giving it any. But it's not going to cause any serious problems if you give your cat milk once in awhile, and most cats really like it. I'd be leery of giving the cat anything fancy though. Chocolate milk, for example, might be a bad idea. I've given my cats ice cream (not much, I just let them lick the bottom of the bowl after I'm done). They like it and haven't had any problems. 


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One caveat: kittens need milk to survive and grow, but it should either be milk from their mother or a special formula from your vet if it has been orphaned. Cow milk will not work for a kitten - it does not have the right nutrients.

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