Cat Age in Human Years

Cats get older differently than people, and develop a lot faster. The average age house cats live to is 15. The highest age recorded is in their thirties, with a significant number beating 20. Outdoor cats live much shorter lives - only a few years on average.


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While you can't make an exact comparison to the age of people, this chart is a rough guide if you want to tell how old your cat is in people years:

Cat Year Conversion Chart:

Cat Years Human Years
1 15
2 21
3 25
4 29
5 33
6 37
7 41
8 45
9 49
10 53
11 57
12 61
13 65
14 69
15 73
16 77
17 81
18 85
19 89
20 93

Again, remember that while a 60 year old won't be running around, your cat will likely still be playing and jumping off stuff at age 12. All this can tell you is the rough progression of the cat's life.

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