What are cat allergy symptoms?

There are a number of these people can display. Sneezing and wheezing on entering a room where a cat has been or lives is the most common reaction. However, a lot of people have more serious reactions that are delayed for quite some time. This can range from several hours to even weeks away from the initial contact with the cat. Some people also get hives if they touch a cat directly.


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There are also some long-term consequences, some of which aren't noticed. Many people have asthma and don't realize that being allergic to cats is making it worse (because the effects are delayed and don't come from direct contact with the cat - so it doesn't seem like the cat is the cause). You can also get a "permanent cold" where you seem to be having mild cold symptoms perpetually. If you suspect you have an allergy to cats, it's fairly easy to get a skin-test done that will tell you for sure. Just talk to your doctor about it.

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