Can I give my cat Aspirin?

The answer here is a little complicated. Yes, you can. BUT - it is very easy for cats to overdose on it, and it is a bad idea to do it without the supervision of a vet. The reason is that cats' bodies are very slow to metabolize it, and it will last for much longer in cats than in humans. Most vets recommend only giving it to them once every 48 or 72 hours (2-3 days). If you give it to them any more frequently, it will be toxic and they will overdose as the cat is not able to handle that much in its system.


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The highest recommended dose is 10 milligrams per pound the cat weighs, so most vets recommend baby aspirin for cats. However, a lot of vets will tell you to use a little less, and a good guideline is not to use more than one baby aspirin per 3 days. Really, what you should do is call up your vet and ask them for advice on how frequently to give it to them. Many vets wouldn't even charge you, as you don't have to bring in the pet. That way you can ask for a recommendation about a specific kind of aspirin to use, and you can tell them any specific health problems that the cat has.

Aspirin is usually only used in pets for treating arthritis, so I wouldn't give it to the pet for anything else unless your vet specifically recommends it.

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