Toy Cat Balls

Many cats love chasing around balls, especially if you've got a hard surface in your house where it's easy to roll. It's a great toy for cats to entertain themselves because you don't have to be there to play - they can just swat at it and it will move randomly. You can just leave a few around on the floor and the cat will have fun when you're away (just make sure you don't forget about them and step on them). They're also great for playing games with your cat - you can sit there and roll it around as it chases it. Just remember that different cats like different kinds of toys - some will turn up their noses at one thing and love another.


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Assorted Balls cost a couple of bucks for a pack of 8 and are available online here.

There are a variety of different kinds here, some with bells inside that a lot of cats like. It can be a good idea to get a pack of quite a few of them because you will find that your cat may lose them easily - it's not that hard to swat them under the couch or the fridge or somewhere you can't find them.

Kitty Explosion Balls - These cost about a dollar per ball. You can get them online here. The picture shows a big tub of them, but you actually only get one, so just be aware of that. This is something that works for if you've got carpet, where it can't roll anyway, or if you don't want the cat sending it rolling everywhere. The cat may like the feel of those little spikes on its paws.

Mew Mints Mylar Ball - These are little tinsel balls that come in packs of ten. Again, some cats will love them, some won't. You can get them online here.

Kitty Bongo Ball - This is a ball that is attached to a base so your cat can swat it back and forth and watch it pop back up. Think something like those inflatable boxing clowns that kids play with. You can get it online here.

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