What's a good bell to put on my cat's collar?

Putting a bell on your cat is a good way to stop it from killing smaller animals. There is simply no way you can train your cat not to bring dead things into the house. Cats are natural predators, and they are going to hunt things whether you like it or not. For many owners, this is disconcerting - they don't want birds or mice to die because of their otherwise friendly cat.

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The best option in this situation is to put a bell on your cat's collar. It will make it less likely that the cat will be able to sneak up on another animal - cats generally cannot kill their prey successfully unless they can get close enough to pounce on them without being noticed. The bell will jingle as they try to creep up on them, giving the cat away and giving the other animal time to run away.

Aristo Metallic Bells cost about a buck and are available online here.

This is just a bell, not a collar, so get this if you've already got a collar for your cat and want to stick a bell on it.

Cat Collar with Bell - This is an adjustable collar that's got it already on it. It's about $5 and is available online here.

Vo-Toys -  This is another one that is just the bell, and you put it on an existing collar. Available online here for a buck or so.

Breakaway Collar - This is a collar with one attached, designed to break away if the cat catches it on something to keep it from chocking itself. It's available online here for $9 or so.

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