Cages for a Cat

Cages aren't something you should be putting your cat in for extended periods (they need exercise and need to be able to move around) but they are helpful for if you are having people over who are allergic, cleaning the house and need to leave doors open, or want to confine the cat temporarily for some reason. You've got a few options.


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Proselect Cat Pens are $53.99 and are available online here.

You can use these if you need to coop a pet into a certain area. They can also be used for letting the cat outdoors for limited times. Just be careful about whether your cat is a jumper - you might need to cover the top with a tarp. It's about 4 feet high, so a cat could clear it if it was motivated to.


Kennel-Aire - This is available here for $159.99. It's a combination cage/playpen. The cats have stuff in there they can climb up on and a little more room to mess around. It's got two doors, a litter pan, and you can collapse it if you need to store it.


Kennel Crate - This one is available online for $32.99. It's a lot cheaper version, but good for kennels or for keeping the cat in there for shorter periods.

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