What's a good carrier for my cat?

You can get a number of different cat carriers of all kinds. It's pretty much up to you what to get, but here are a few different models of them.


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"The Cat Sack" - It's just a big bag that you zip your cat into with its head sticking out. I don't think this can really substitute for a carrier, but it looks like it would be good to supplement it for really difficult cats on short trips. Zip them in and they aren't going to be bursting out of it when you get them in there. On the other hand, it's also probably good for docile cats if you're just walking somewhere with them and don't want them able to get loose. It's available online here for $29.95.

Top-loading - This is another good design you should look at. I like the ability to put the cat in through the top - this can be a lot easier for an unruly cat, and it's harder for them to fight it because the opening is bigger. It's also pretty cheap - available online for $20.69.

Space Age - This is a fundamental redesign of the whole concept. It's set upright, so the cat can have room to actually stand up. This is more comfortable for most animals, because it's the natural position of the cat, as opposed to having to hunch down. They can also see through it, so it doesn't feel as enclosing, and a pillow fits in the bottom. It's available online for $79.99.

Sherpa Designer Carrier - If you want to be legally blonde, then this is the one for you. It is handbag-shaped, so you can carry your cat around in style. My only problem is it's a little less sturdy than the regular kind, so I would not use this with a cat who really hates being toted around - and a lot of cats fall in that category. If they fight back and you drop it or something, there's less protection there. On the other hand, you can carry the cat in your lap with this one. It's available online for $95.00.

Travel Crate - This is designed for small dogs, but cats will fit in there fine too. The reason I include it is because of the wheels. If you're just going to the vet, the others are fine. But airport travel means a little more distance, so the wheels on the bottom help you, especially if you've got lots of other luggage. It's available online for $28.79.

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