How do I stop my cat from chewing on electrical wires and cords?

If your cat is messing around with the wiring to various gadgets around the house and either biting  it, it can be dangerous. If your cat bites through, it could get shocked pretty severely depending on what it's biting. You need to do something about this if it's going on. Fortunately, it's not that hard to get a cat to stop this. Kittens often do it, but you can train them very easily.


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First, whenever you catch your cat biting the wires, you should spray them with a water bottle and say "NO" firmly. That will work with most cats by associating the consequence with the action.

Second, put something that the cat won't like the taste of on the cords, especially if the cat is chewing on a particular one. Peppers will often stop this, and you can also get "cat repellant." This is just a spray that cats dislike and will stay away from - but it usually works for an entire area, so you may not want to use it if it's OK for the cat to be in the general region of the cords. It will run you about $7.00 online.

Third, you can isolate the cat from electrical cords by putting it in a room where there are none when you're not at home. This doesn't work well with a grown cat, but works well if you've got a kitten.

Fourth, you can just try getting some other toys for the cat to play with if you don't have that many. Put some strings up, or spend more time playing with the cat to tire it out.



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