What are claw covers?

A cat claw cover is just a little plastic sheath that goes around a cat's claws. A lot of people don't want to declaw their cats because of the pain it causes. This is a humane alternative - they basically stop your cat from being able to scratch, but don't harm it. The claws can still go in and out and function normally, they just are dulled by the plastic cover. One cover usually lasts a few months. Your cat may try to bite them off, but they usually adjust pretty well to them after awhile.


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IMPORTANT: Do not use these on outdoor cats. An cat that goes outside needs its claws, both to fight off any attackers and to escape predators by climbing.

Soft Claws Nail Caps cost about $20 and are available online here.

These are three-month applications. You'll need to trim the cat's claws first to get the claw caps on. You pick them based on the cat's weight, so make sure you know that.

Soft Claws Take Home Kit Nail Caps - This is just a kit that is designed to apply easily at home and is available here for about $15. You still have to trim, and these are glue-on.

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