How do I stop a cat from climbing up curtains?

Often, cats will see drapes or curtains as a great opportunity to climb up to the window. The only problem is this results in the cat shredding the curtains and leaving you with a mess. There are a couple of easy ways to deal with this. First, you could either declaw your cat or use the claw sheaths shown on that page if you have an objection to doing so. That won't work if your cats have to go outdoors, though, so you will have to try other things if that's the case.


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You can switch to Venetian blinds and avoid the whole problem. Cats can't get a grip on them and they won't be able to get up there, so they'll give up on climbing them. If you're dead set on having curtains, you can basically trick the cat out of doing it by using a tension rod to hold them up instead of leaving it drilled into the wall. You want the curtain set up so that the rod holding up the curtain is lightweight and can fall out of the slot if the curtain is pulled on. You don't want it heavy enough to injure the cat if it falls onto him and hits him, but you do want it to come out and fall down whenever the cat tries to climb up. Leave it that way for a month or so and even the most dedicated cats will give up after having the curtains fall on top of them every time they try to climb it.

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