Can a cat catch a cold?

Yes, cats can get colds - but not from you. A cat cold is something similar to colds in people, but it is caused by different viruses and bacteria. You also cannot catch a cold from your cat. It's is also called an upper respiratory infection, but people generally only call it a "cold" if it's one of the milder kinds.


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What are the symptoms?

They're pretty much the same thing you would expect from a person. Sneezing, coughing, a runny nose, discharge from the cat's nose, and trouble breathing are all common symptoms.

How do you cure the cat?

First, take your cat to the vet. It is best not to assume that it is something minor. Many upper respiratory infections in cats are actually caused by more serious illnesses - it may not seem like a big deal, but it can take a turn for the worse. Your cat can also get secondary infections - other diseases that piggyback on the cold, taking advantage of the weakened immune system. Your vet will usually give you antibiotics to ward those off.

Second, you need to keep the cat warm and keep it indoors. If you have other cats, it is a good idea to try to keep the sick one by itself, because they're pretty contagious. Make sure the cat has plenty of water and plenty to eat.

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