Electronic Cat Deterrent

This one isn't really for the pet owners - it's for the people who are having trouble with their neighbor's pets. Specifically, with cats. Cats are great animals, but a lot of people don't want them in their yard, or more particularly, eating plants in their gardens. Yowling at night can be another big problem. But it's not OK to kill or harm somebody's pet cat, and you don't want it in your yard - so what do you do with the world's least trainable animal? You use harmless, electronic deterrent devices. The cats can stay out of your yards, and you don't have to start a fight with the neighbors or do anything unethical.


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Catstop Sonic Deterrent is $49.00 and is available online here.

This is a motion sensitive repellant device, but it works on many other animals as well. When the motion sensor is tripped, it will emit a sound that people can't hear but that bugs most cats enough that they won't stick around. It can protect areas roughly 20 feet in front of it.


Cat Repellant Granules - This is available here for $14.99. It's just some dust-type stuff that you sprinkle in your garden or yard. Cats don't like it, and will generally keep away from the area you dust. It's safe and can't hurt them.

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