What kind of cat diet should I use for a fat cat?

If your cat is overweight, then you need to put it on a diet of some kind. There are two components to this: exercise and food intake.

For exercise, are you playing with your cat often? If not, try to do it more - all you need is to find a piece of string or a toy the cat likes. Run it around for a little bit every day, and try to make sure the cat is being active - chasing the toy, running after it, etc. This will help your cat burn calories if it's gotten into a sedentary lifestyle, and it will help you bond as well.


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For food intake, you need to make sure that you go talk to your vet about setting up the diet. You'll want to portion the food out, and your vet can give you an exact figure for your particular cat along with goals for weight loss. The biggest factor in cats being overweight is simply that they've got food available all the time. Most people put out a bowl and leave food in it so the cat can eat whenever. Some cats will overindulge - it's not natural for a predator to have food 24/7, and their instinct may be to overeat. That works in the wild, where there will be periods of "feast or famine" and you need to add on fat to survive. For a housecat, it just means the cat gets fat. The solution?

You want a gradual diet, not a crash course. Once you get an appropriate portion amount from your vet, you'll want to set up your cat's diet so it is weaned away from the constant supply of food and onto a portioned diet where you feed the cat a set amount for a set number of times a day. For example, you would put out a certain amount of food in the morning and another portion in the evening. This way your cat can't just eat whenever, but you know it's getting the right amount of food per day.

Just like with people, you can go get diet books that will give you exhausting details on what to do.

This book on animal diets will give you several hundred recipes and specific diet plans for cats and dogs if you want to make your own food for your cat.

You can also just buy diet food and see if that works - it would be a lot less effort, but you might not get as much out of it. There are some good diet pet foods you can buy online here.

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