What's a good cat food dish?

You've got a couple of different options for feeding your cat, and with finicky cats it can sometimes make a big difference in how willing they are to eat. Some will turn up their noses if they don't like something about the bowl you're using - the smell, the texture, anything. Others just don't care one way or the other.


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You can always try a traditional bowl - anything that's not more than a few inches high will work, because the cat will be able to get at all the food. You can just use an old bowl you have lying around - the only problem with that is it might get mixed in with the bowls for humans by mistake. If you don't care, that's fine - there's no sanitary reason why you can't use a bowl your cat's eaten out of if it's been through the dishwasher. It might creep you out, though, so you can get dishes specifically for your cat to stop that from happening:

Lentek Automatic Cat Dishes cost about $35 and are available online here.

This is a battery-operated dish that holds six days worth of food for one cat. The lid on top rotates on a timer that you can set based on how long you want it to wait before switching. This is the kind of thing you want if you will be leaving the house for a couple of days - you can just leave it out with some dry chow and the cat will have enough food to last through your trip. The battery means you don't have to worry about power outages.

Humorous Cat Dishes - This is basically just a regular bowl, but I had to stick it in there. You won't be mixing it up with your own dishes any time soon. It's about $10 and available online here.

Same as above, this one is available online here.

Metal Cat Bowls - These are great if you want something simple and durable. I find my cat knocks the bowl around when eating out of it or when running around, and these are unlikely to get damaged. They're $15 and available online here.

Double Cat Dishes - This is sort of along the same lines, but it's set into a holder that will keep the bowls from moving around and keeps them in one place. You can get it online here, and it's about $10.

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