What Do You Do About Cat Fleas?

If you've got cat fleas, you need to look into a flea control method to safeguard your pet. Cats are often susceptible to fleas, and they can easily get them from wandering around outside, other animals, or from trips to the vet. This page will give you some useful tips and information about flea control specifically with regards to cats.


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         Fleas are often more easily avoidable in cats than with other animals - mainly because an easy method is simply to make sure that your cat is an indoor cat. Generally, you shouldn't ever let cats outside anyway - they don't need to go out, and they will live much longer if kept indoors. The average life span for an indoor cat is 14 years, as opposed to three years for a cat that goes outside. Cars, diseases, accidents, and other animals are all good reasons to keep your cat inside even aside from the cat flea problem.

    Cats actually do have fleas specific to them (Ctenocephalides felis), and these small, black fleas like to target cats specifically. You can usually tell if your cat has fleas easily - if you run a comb through its hair, and you get little pieces of small, black dirt, then it probably has cat fleas. This dirt is actually flea excrement, and you will need to adopt a flea control program.

    Most of the other suggested methods work for cats as well - vacuum and use flea control products on any area where your cat sleeps or hangs out, because there will be flea eggs and adult fleas there. Steam clean the carpets, which will kill most of the eggs. If you must let your cat outdoors, you might get a professional to clean the yard, or you can apply products to the area that you think will be within the cat's territory.

    You also need to make sure that your flea control product is approved for cats. Don't EVER just go grab a dog flea control method and use it on a cat - they're different animals, and it can cause serious health problems sometimes if you do. Run anything with chemicals by your vet - usually all it takes is a quick phone call, and you can get recommended cat flea control products to get rid of cat fleas. There are a couple of big brands to look at - Frontline, Advantage, Revolution, and Program.

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