What kinds of cat furniture are there?

There are a lot of different brands of cat furniture available. Basically, they're just little playhouses built for your cat to have fun climbing on or hiding in. Cats like to have a place to play like this, but sometimes it's hard to tell if your particular cat will like it. You can usually solve this by spreading some catnip onto it, and most cats will take a shine to it then. You can also put something familiar to the cat near it - food bowls, bedding, etc.


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The Claw Pals Cat Tree runs $26.99 and is available online here.

It's basically just a little place for the cat to play that's designed to look and feel kind of like a tree. It's got little dangling toys for the cat to swat around, and posts for it to scratch at. 


Kitty Care Center "All-in-one" - This one is available here for $450. This is definitely luxury for your cat. A litter box is in there, a place to feed them, scratching posts, several spots to sleep. If you've got the money to spend and want a huge play area for the cats, this is it.


Deluxe Cat Condo / Cat Tree - This is a medium range price, and is available online for $87.95. It's got several places for your cats to sleep, lots of things to climb around, and a number of cat scratching posts. A lot of stuff for the price.

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