Grooming Your Cat

Cats will naturally groom themselves, so in most cases you really don't have to do much of anything. The most common exception, however, is if your cat has a lot of fur or has shedding issues. In that case, it may need a little help. If your cat is shedding a lot of fur and you don't groom it, it will get hairballs more frequently (which means cleaning up vomit and discomfort for the cat). It will also get fur all over everything. So a regular grooming schedule is the best option in that situation.


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You should go get a brush for the cat, and then there's not that much to it. You just run a brush through the coat, petting the cat while you do it. If the cat has matted hair, you should use a fine-toothed comb instead and gently try to break up the mat.

You have a couple of options as far as brushes and combs go.

First, the ionic pet brush. These are just brushes that have ion generators in them. That sounds high-tech, but all it really does is charge particles around it so that they stick to stuff. Loose fur and dander will stick to the brush, making it easier to get out. It's also good at getting rid of odors because many are caused by the pet dander. It's available here for $25.95.

Second, you could just get a general cat brush.

This one costs $5.24 here.

Finally, get some sort of comb in addition to whatever brush you get. The comb will help you if you need finer teeth to break any clumps or mats apart.

This one costs $4.29 here.



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