Why does my cat have a hoarse meow?

This is a general symptom that could indicate several different health problems, so you should try to see if you can find anything else strange about your cat's behavior. The first thing to think about are the basic sorts of illnesses that would cause a hoarse throat in humans: upper respiratory diseases are one, and colds in cats can cause this as well.


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Also, you should look at the symptoms for hyperthyroidism in cats. This has sometimes been known to make their meows sound hoarse as a symptom.

One other thing to think about is that hoarseness in cats can sometimes be caused by feline nasal discharge. Basically, the discharge can cause inflammation in the air passages of the cat, leading to the hoarse sound when the cat meows. This kind of discharge is usually caused by an infection, but there are a number of diseases that can result in it.

Tumors can cause this if they are actually in the nasal passages or the larynx.

Finally, sometimes this symptom has been seen as a result of rabies in cats, but you would likely be seeing much worse symptoms than this.

Because some of these causes can be very serious, it is probably a good idea to take the cat to the vet. If it persists over several days or you see any other symptoms then you should definitely go. 

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