What are good brands of cat litter?

Picking a brand of cat litter can be pretty important. Cheap kitty litter brands are going to result in more odors, and that means both that you have to smell it and that your cat may frequently decide not to use the litter box and instead to pee on the floor. If you get a quality brand, it's less work for you in the form of scooping and less hassle in the long run. Here are a few to take a look at.


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The World's Best Cat Litter is $21.59 for a 34 pound bag available online here.

That's the actual name, so I've got no clue whether it's really the world's best. But it does have a LOT of people who like it. It's a "natural" product made of whole-kernel corn instead of the standard silica stuff you see. It is supposed to work extremely well for controlling odors - easy to scoop, and the structure of the corn makes the ammonia stuff get trapped at the bottom where you don't have to deal with it.


Precious Cat Ultra Clumping- This is available here for $10.34 for a 40 pound bag. Precious Cat is a clumping litter that you'll need to scoop, formulated so that it doesn't break down as easily as other litters. It's still kind of expensive, but that can be worth it to get rid of the smells. It's also less dusty than most other brands.


Swheat Scoop Natural Litter - This one is available online for $20.69 for a 40 pound bag. Again, a natural based one instead of silica based. This time it's from wheat. That can help out people who are sensitive to chemicals and have trouble with the normal cat litter brands. It's also good at reducing odors overall.

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