What are some good cat nail clippers?

There are actually a lot of products which will help you to trim your cat's claws, which can be a tough task in and of itself. Clippers made for people usually don't work, because they aren't the right size. They also would be much more likely to cause bleeding or fragmenting of the claw. Most of the ones designed for cats specifically cut them smoothly, which is better on the cat.


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Rescoe Nail Clipper for Cats costs about $9 and is available online here.

This is a decent one that holds the claw in place while you make a clean cut. It's got good grips so that it won't slip while you're cutting (this is important, as many cats will be fighting you).

Groomax Clippers - This one is available here for about $6. It's got a safety guard to keep it from clipping too much off the claw, and can give you a pretty clean cut.

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