Why is my cat not eating?

If your cat has stopped eating, it is very likely to be sick and it needs to be seen by a veterinarian, period. There are many different illnesses that can cause a cat to stop eating, so it's hard to diagnose it without having someone actually take a look at the cat. In fact, loss of appetite in cats is often a "symptom of a symptom" - it can be caused by a fever in your cat, which makes cats lose energy and stop eating. Your vet is going to have to tell you what is the ultimate cause - infections are a big one for this sort of thing, so if your cat has recently been injured somewhere that's something to have the vet look at. But it could be something more serious - it's not normal behavior.


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Some of the bigger diseases or problems that cause a loss of appetite in cats: liver disease, lymphoma, the flu, toxins or ingesting some plants toxic to cats, osteosarcoma, jaundice, physical injuries that result in an abscess in your cat, or even just psychological problems such as stress.

It is also extremely important that you get it dealt with soon. Cats that don't eat will be at risk of developing serious liver problems, which are called feline fatty liver disease. This isn't something to put off the vet visit in hopes that it will get better.

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