How do I stop my cat from peeing somewhere?

You can do a number of things to stop your cat from peeing in an inappropriate spot. First, make sure that you have properly given your cat toilet training. If that's not the issue, then you've got a couple of things you can try. Clean up the litterbox more frequently, and get some litter box spray to try to keep the odors out. Cats can be very sensitive to the smells of a litterbox, and will often refuse to go there if the ammonia smell gets too bad.


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If cleaning it doesn't work, you can try some other things as well. If your cat is going in a particular spot, you should make sure to clean that as well - you don't want it smelling either because your cat might associate it with using the restroom. Try covering the area in aluminum foil - it often makes it uncomfortable for the cat to urinate there because it will splatter back on the cat and because of the sound. If you catch the cat going in an inappropriate spot, yell "no" loudly. You can try a spray bottle filled with water as well - don't be cruel to the cat, but a spray or two will let them know they aren't supposed to go there. Then take the cat to the litter box where you want them to go and place them in front of it. It's important not to be too aggressive about it or your cat will come to associate peeing with "bad." You don't want that, you just want them not to go in the wrong place. You should also check to see if strays are coming around the house, or think about whether you've gotten a new pet in the house - urination is a way of marking their territory, so cats will begin doing it in strange spots if there is a new animal around.

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