What's a cat ramp?

A cat ramp is primarily made for elderly cats who have more trouble getting around. As your cat gets older, it may get arthritis or other conditions that make it harder for it to jump up as high. This can mean that spots your cat used to love sitting on are much harder to get at - windowsills, counters, your bed, etc. Often this can be stressful or aggravating to the cat, and it may try to jump up anyway, resulting in injuries. Getting a ramp is a way to let your older cat have access to its favorite spots and keep its quality of life high even as it can't get around as well.


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Solid Slide Pet Steps are about $90 and are available online here.

This is basically just a staircase for your cat or dog. It lets the cat walk up the steps instead of jumping, and it's a little under 2 feet high.


Halfstep Pet Ramp - This is available here for $54.99. It's movable and a little over 3 feet long. It's designed to handle dogs as well, so it's pretty heavy duty, but cats can use it too. The big plus for this is that you can angle it so that it fits exactly to heights under three feet as well. That should get your cat up to most places it will want to walk to.

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