What is the treatment for tapeworm in cats?

Cats can actually get several different kinds of worms as parasites that will infest them, but tapeworms are one of the ones that you should be able to identify yourself from their stool. If you look at it, you will see little segments of the tape worm that have dropped off. Tapeworms will get into the intestines of the cat and feed off of its nutrients. There are a number of symptoms: weight loss, diarrhea, sickly looking appearance, vomiting, and of course the segmented parts of the worm in the stool.


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Your vet may also need to take a stool sample even if you are sure it's tapeworm - that's the only way they can be certain as to exactly what kind of parasites are in the cat, and if it's more than one kind of worms, you need to deal with both.

If you need to see what a tapeworm segment looks like, there are also some pictures here in the middle of the page. They just kind of look like little pieces of corn.

Tapeworms are usually contracted by eating fleas, or animals with fleas on them (so if your cat catches mice that's a plausible candidate). You will not be able to kill the tapeworm with over-the-counter remedies - this isn't going to be a fatal thing if you go get it treated, but you do need to get some prescription cat medicine to get rid of it. Tapeworms are pretty hardy so it's tough to kill them otherwise.

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