What are cat tents?

Cat tents are basically little square-looking things that are made of canvas. It's sort of a little tent for the cat - made either to give it privacy in a litter box, give it a place to sleep that doesn't take up much room, or a little place to play around in for cats who like to hide inside boxes or bags.


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The Littermaid Cat Privacy Tent is $31.99 and is available online here.

This litter tent is designed for going around the litterbox. Many litter boxes don't have any exterior. This means when the cat is covering up the mess with its paws, it will often get crystals outside the box. Plus, sometimes cats have bad aim. This will eliminate those problems by keeping the litter and mess inside the tent. The only issue is that people complain that it's too flimsy - especially if a cat decides to jump on top of it.


Cat Play Tent - This is available here for $29.99. This one is designed for the cat to play around in. They can run in and out, and it's got two ends for you to open up. A lot of cats will just like to take naps in it because it feels enclosed.

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