What's the best cat treat?

Cat treats are a great way to make your cat happy or to encourage it if you're trying to reward good behavior. I can't say that I've tasted any of these myself, but I can tell you which ones my cat seems to go nuts over.


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Purina Whisker Lickins Cat Treats cost about $2 and are available online here. This is hands down the brand of treat my cat likes best. I have not noticed any preference between flavors - anytime she smells these she gets a greedy look and will jump up a couple of feet if she has to to get them.

Purina Tarter Control Whisker Lickins are also about $2 and are available online here. These are basically the same brand as above, except they are hard instead of moist. They reduce tarter on the cat's teeth and are thus a nice way to avoid dental problems. The cat does not seem to like these quite as much as the moist ones (maybe they're too much like her regular dry chow).

Kitty Kaviar runs about $9 and is available online here. This is a premium cat treat, I haven't tried it yet but it comes recommended very well from a number of sources. It is fish-based and a lot of cats are supposed to go nuts over these. It's got a lot of nutrients that will help out your cat as well, and it has pretty high levels of taurine, an important nutrient that cats can only get from manufactured cat food or meats.


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