Can I give my cat Tylenol?

No - NEVER give them Tylenol. The main ingredient, acetaminophen, is deadly to cats. They cannot process it properly in their livers. The cat's liver will break it down into toxic byproducts, causing what is called feline acetaminophen toxicosis. In humans, the process would continue and the liver would turn those byproducts into non-toxic ones. Cats cannot do this because of a lack of enzymes in their body. There is a serious risk of death if you give it to your cat, so don't do it - and take them to the vet immediately if you have accidentally. It can cause a disease called methemoglobinemia, which is a serious blood disorder.


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What are the symptoms of feline acetaminophen toxicosis (Tylenol overdose)?

The cat will first start vomiting and drooling, within a few hours of taking it. Then you will see a bluish color around the mouth, eyes, and nose a few hours later. There may or may not be swelling. If untreated, the cat will die within 36 hours. If you see any of this, take the cat to the vet ASAP!

Can I do anything if I have already given it to my cat?

If it's been 30 minutes or less, you can try to make the cat throw it up. However, do this ONLY AFTER CALLING THE VET AND BEING INSTRUCTED TO DO SO AND HOW TO DO IT. After 30 minutes, too much will have been absorbed and it's better to just hurry to the vet as soon as you can.

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