Can cats take valium?

Vets will sometimes prescribe valium for cats. You shouldn't be giving them valium that was dosed for people, but your vet can give you feline valium that is made in an amount your cat can more safely take. Valium can be given to cats for a number of reasons. First, it's an anti-anxiety drug. Cats have anxiety problems too. In fact, it can get so severe that they begin pulling out fur or mutilating themselves, in what is generally considered to be obsessive compulsive disorder in cats. Often anxiety is the cause of bad behavior in cats involving urination outside the litter box and spraying. Valium is just one of a number of drugs your vet may try on your cat if you're having these problems. Valium is also often used in conjunction with some other drugs as an anesthetic for cats, and for some cats it is used to stimulate their appetite.


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Valium in cats can have serious side effects for a small proportion of cats, however. It can cause liver damage that results in death. This is generally caused by the oral version, and there is supposedly an injected version that does not have this risk. Because of this side effect, most vets prescribe it only after trying other medications and only under pretty close supervision.

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