What kinds of cat water fountains are there?

Tired of having to put down fresh water every day for the cat? Or just want a backup? There are a lot of water bowls for cats nowadays that can hold several weeks worth of water. Personally, I ended up being very thankful for mine - my cat was in New Orleans during Katrina and I was out of town. She survived a week with no food before I could get back in, but she had water because I had one of these with large capacity. Hopefully something like that won't happen to you, but trust me, if you ever get injured or kept away from your pet for a long period, you'll be glad to have it if an emergency like that ever occurs.


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Some people also recommend these to get your cats to drink more. Cats can be finicky about drinking (they don't get much of their moisture that way in the wild, they get it from animal meat). If you're having those problems, you can try one of these or switch to wet food.

The Fresh Flow Cat Fountain is about $20 and is available online here.

This one is designed to circulate the water so that it doesn't get stale. It's also got a reservoir that will add new water in as needed. It's also got a filter in it that will clean out junk (that's a bonus, because cat hair, food particles, etc. will all get dropped in there by the cat). It's also fairly quiet - the one problem is that when it gets empty it starts making annoying slurping noises. I have it and currently use it, and otherwise it works very well and is easy to refill.


Catit Cat Drinking Fountain - This cat water fountain is available here for $37.99. It circulates the water, has a filter, and can hold about 3 Liters so you don't have to refill it that often. There are also multiple places to drink from, which many cats are more receptive to (especially in multiple cat households).


Drinkwell Cat Water Fountains - This one is available online for $33.99. It lets you adjust the rate of water flow, which is a good feature if your cats are uncomfortable with some of the ones with moving water. It has a little "waterfall" effect where the water comes down from a spout above the floor somewhat. You can plug it into a regular wall socket.

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