Can cats get whipworms?

Whipworms are a small worm that primarily affects dogs. They live in their digestive system in the dog's intestines, and are pretty common among dogs. It IS possible for cats to get them, but it is very uncommon. As with dogs, whipworms live in the intestines of cats. Usually, however, you will not see many symptoms if a cat is infested.


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As a technical matter, the answer to the question is different depending on what continent you live on. If you're in the U.S., there are no whipworms specific to cats, and they will usually only get eggs from whipworms that live in other animals and are not well-suited to actually living in the cat. Actual infestation of adult whipworms is very rare in the U.S., but sometimes a vet will find the eggs in a cat's feces even when the cat is not actually infested. This can happen from eating small animals like mice that have whipworms. In most cases of whipworm infection in cats, the cat will only have a few worms because it is much more difficult for them to survive in a species that the worms are not adapted to.

If you're in Europe, there is a specific feline whipworm that can infect cats. However, it isn't very dangerous and is also fairly uncommon. 

What is the treatment for whipworms in cats?

If your cat happens to get them, there are several deworming medicines your vet can give you to get rid of them. You should be careful about keeping any dogs away from the feces of the cat, because it is much easier for dogs to get infested. 

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