How do I get my cat to stop chewing on plants?

Cats often will chew on various plants that you keep in your house. They've got a natural desire to do this because of their instinct to eat grass for digestive reasons. Sometimes they'll also urinate on the plants or treat the potting soil as if it's a litter box. That can kill your plants - the ammonia in cat's urine will raise the acidity of the potting soil.


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So how do you deal with it? There are a lot of cat repelling sprays you can use - spray them in the area around the plants and the cats will be less likely to try to use them as toys. They won't want to go into the area. You can get it for about $7.00 online.

You can also get some Bitter Apple. This is a spray that discourages cats from chewing on things because of a bitter taste they leave. That may be a better option because you don't have to worry about any smells because it's based on taste.

Bitter Apple for Cats is available for $4.50 online.

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