Why do cats eat grass?

No one seems to know exactly why cats eat grass, but it is a commonly observed behavior that happens with lots of cats, and even a lot of dogs. There isn't any nutritional reason for them to eat it - it doesn't have much value for them in terms of calories, etc. However, some of the theories about why they do it are that it is good for digestion or helps them pass hairballs. It is a natural behavior though, and cats will do it with a lot of different plants.


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Whether it's safe or not depends largely on whether you are spraying chemicals on the lawn. Cats should not be allowed to eat grass if you are frequently treating the lawn with pesticides or any other chemical. Otherwise, it is not harmful to them. HOWEVER - you should be aware that there are many plants that cats should not eat, including some common plants that are poisonous to cats. Many of these plants are flowers or plants people tend to have indoors. There are some easy to use products you can get to keep your cat from chewing on plants.

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