While the products reviewed on this page may or may not have to do with fleas, they are all useful things that you might want to get for your pet. Take a look around and you can see some of the different things available to deal with various problems you may have with your pet.


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Cool Pet Products

Pet Repellants:

Bitter Apple - A bad-tasting spray that will keep your cat or dog from chewing on things you don't want them to.

Cat Deterrent - Devices that will let non-pet owners humanely keep cats out of their yards and gardens.

Cat Toys:

Scratching Post Products - A great way to keep your cat from tearing up furniture.

Laser Cat Toy - Basically a laser pointer you use to let your cat chase the little red dot.

Toy Cat Balls - A couple of different kinds of balls your cat may want to play with.

Travel Carriers:

Cat Carrier Products - There are tons of different kinds of cat carriers, and many with features that will make it easy to travel with even the most reluctant cat.

Cat Cages - Cages designed for you to keep your cat in for short periods.

Pet Furniture:

Cat Furniture - Need something for your cats to play on? Let them scratch up their own furniture, not yours.

Cat Tents - Little collapsible tents for cats - either to play in or to put a litter box in.

Automatic Litter Box - A great thing for both the cats and the owner - you can cut down on the odors and cut down on the amount of work you have to do.

Cat Ramps - Ramps and staircases designed to allow your older cat to walk up to its favorite spots instead of having to jump.

Pet Steps - Little staircases for your pet, which allows older animals that don't move around as well to get to elevated spots.

Food Related:

Cat Water Fountain - If you don't want to worry about remembering to fill the water bowl every day, or if your cat is finicky about drinking, try these.

Dog Water Fountain - The same as above, but bigger ones that dogs can use.

Pill Pockets - A great way to trick your pet into taking its medicine. These are little treats with holes in them for you to put pills into, so that the cat or dog will swallow the whole thing.

Hypoallergenic Cat Food - A way to end cat food allergies, a problem cats sometimes develop with traditional foods.

Hypoallergenic Dog Food - Food for dogs with food allergies, based on stuff that isn't normally in dog food.

Cat Treats - A couple of the better cat treat brands for your kitty.

Cat Food Dish - Several different kinds of dishes that you can feed your cat out of.


Cat Litter - Various good brands of litter for your cat.

Housebreaking Pads - Basically absorbent pads that you can lay out on the floor for puppies or cats that pee out of the litterbox on accident.

Cat Claw Covers - Little plastic things you stick on your cat's claws so it can't scratch you and you don't have to declaw it.

Cat Nail Clippers - Specially designed trimmers to cut your cat's claws.

Magnetic Cat Door - A cat door designed so that only your cat can use it with a special collar.

Cage Dryer - A kind of heavy-duty pet dryer mainly used by groomers or vets, the basic idea is to rapidly dry off the pet to avoid respiratory illness from it being wet.

Pet Stairs - A way for elderly pets to climb up to favorite spots to hang out.

Cat Bells - Collars with bells and bells you can put on the cat's collar - the idea being to warn birds and mice that the cat is coming.

Dog Products:

Dog Leashes - Reviews of several different kinds of leashes for you to walk your dog with.

Dog Tie Outs - Tie Outs are basically longer leashes designed to let you leave your dog out in the yard tied up to something.

Dog Bark Collars - Collars that will punish your dog automatically for barking - either with electric shocks, smells, or noise.

Dog Training Books - Some good books that will show you how to teach your dog various tricks.

Dog Ramps - A good way to get your dog into the car or onto the grooming table, even if it weighs more than you.

Dog Sunscreen - Weird, but a good idea if your dog has white fur, because it is at risk of skin cancer.

Pet Clothing:

Pet Panties - Special pants designed to protect unspayed pets from engaging in intercourse and becoming pregnant.

Dog Panties - Pants designed to stop dogs from becoming pregnant while in heat.

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