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1) Skateboarding - This dog is awesome, but it's an extremely advanced set of tricks that many dogs probably won't learn and that you'd only be able to teach them with a lot of effort. Here's what the end result looks like:

Here's another one with the same dog waterskiing:

This dog isn't jumping off ramps or anything but he's got the basics down:

You can get a video that will teach you how to get your dog started skateboarding here.

2) Answering the Telephone - Most people won't want to teach a dog to do this (it would be a real pain in the butt). However, it's actually pretty common for the hearing impaired, and many dogs are actually trained to bring the phone to you.

There are a couple of detailed guides here and here on how to teach a dog this trick. Basically, you break it up into parts - first teaching the dog to go to the phone when it rings, then to touch it, then to pick it up off the receiver, then to finally bring it to you. Cordless phones obviously work best if you actually want the dog to retrieve it.

3) Sneezing on Command - This one is a little more useful for showing off to friends. A lot of dogs can be taught to do this without all that much effort - it's really more of a sniffing, but it sounds like a sneeze with many dogs.

You teach a dog this by holding your hands in a cup around the dog's nose and saying "Sneeze." After you do that, blow into the dog's nostrils. If the dog makes a sneezing sound, say "Good Sneeze" - then give the dog a treat. Results will vary, and some dogs don't like this trick (for obvious reasons).

4) Throwing Away Beer Cans - I've got no clue how you actually teach this one, but this guy got his dog trained to take beer cans and toss them in the garbage. Probably the most practical trick here...

5) Bringing You a Beer - Except for this trick, which is even more useful. Combine the two and you have the perfect dog.

There's a step-by-step guide here for teaching a dog to get the mail which would work just as well on a beer (it's just teaching a dog to fetch something and open a fridge door).

6) Hiking a Football - This dog has been trained to hike a football he runs around and plays with:

7) Backflips - For the dog whose owners are gymnists, smaller dogs can be trained to do backflips:

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