Is declawing cats humane?

While I've had multiple cats declawed with no problems, before you do it you should at least think over the arguments against it. There are a lot of people who think it is an inhumane treatment of cats. Basically, this is because it is a serious surgery that requires a lot of recovery time and the removal of a bone in the cat's foot. It's uncomfortable for the cat for awhile, especially when using the litterbox. It can also have some complications that can be painful for the cat.


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Personally, I think the risks are overblown. This is based mainly on my experience with my cats - we got it done at good vets and I think that makes a big difference. If you go to a lower quality vet you're going to get a chop job - and that's risky for your cat. This is a complicated surgery and it's the kind of thing that if you do it, you want it done well. Go to a good one, and you get a surgery that will be painful for the cat for a few weeks, but will ultimately make it easier to keep them indoors all the time - and that's a big improvement in their lifestyle. The choice is up to you though, and you should make sure that you're comfortable with it before you do it.

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