What's a good dog bark collar?

Dog bark collars are electronic collars that either shock the dog, use harsh sounds that only the dog can hear, or some other automatic punishment to quiet it down when it starts barking. It can be a very effective way of training dogs to stop barking, and after awhile you may not even need the collar once the dog has associated the negative feelings with barking. The one thing is: if you're getting a shock collar, don't go with the cheapest one you can find. With junkier brands, people have reported problems with over-shocking the dog and causing pain.


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The Citronella Anti-Bark Collar is $52.49 and is available online here.

This collar relies on a harmless spray that about 90% of dogs will dislike, but isn't offensive to humans. It's a good, humane alternative to shock collars, which a lot of people don't want to use on their dog. The only problem is, your dog might be one of the 10% who don't care about the spray and just keep on barking.


Inotek No Bark Dog Collar - This is available here for $99.99. It's a shock collar, activated by the dog's bark, and waterproof (which is very important since the dog isn't going to know better).


Big Dog Remote Trainer - This one is available online for $84.99. It relies on a sound dogs can hear along with electric shocks. It's a little more humane because they get trained to associate the sound with the shocks - so it can give them a few seconds warning before it will actually shock them.

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