What is dog blogging?

Dog blogging is very similar to blogging about your cat only with dogs instead. People humanize their pets, writing blogs either about the dog or from the perspective of the dog. It's just sort of a fun way to get to know your pet and give your blog a unique voice. Cat bloggers claim to have come first, tracing the origins to the Carnival of the Cats which started out as "Friday Cat Blogging" where bloggers would post pictures of their cat each Friday. Now pretty much anyone with a pet can blog about them, and it's starting to become pretty common.


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I've done some searching to find a few good dog blogs, and will fill out this page with more as I did with the cat blogs page:

A Frog Dog's Life - This is a blog by Balboa, a French Bulldog. Balboa blogs about subjects such as his toy hedgehog ball, meeting a stuffed friend, and being fined for the crime of being a dog. 

Cubby Goes Digital - Cubby is a boxer who lives in Texas. He's also involved in rescuing other boxers.

Daschies Rule - Roxie, Sammy, and Andy are all Daschunds from Houston who post together in a group blog. They blog about playing cowdog at their grandparents' place in the country and their favorite toys.

Dogs of Jackman Ave. - Sherman, Penny, and Lola are from Pittsburgh and are the subject of a blog by their owners. It's filled with pictures of dog activities like bathing and eating "Frosty Paws," a yogurt / peanut butter dog treat.

Five Happy Hounds - This blog is actually a pack of dogs - a family of five, all different breeds (and most of them big). Tucker, Thrawn, Dot, Samantha, and Bear post about such topics as eating people food and getting into fights.

Kingsley the Border Collie - Kingsley is a border collie from Australia, and is a skilled goalie and Shrek impersonator.

My Dogs Have Fleas - I had to pick this one for the title if nothing else. Princess Scarlett, Shelly, and Simon are blogged about by their owners. There are also a ton of photos and a forum.

Precious Poodle - A little black poodle whose brother is a cockatiel, T-man's hobbies include gardening and rolling around in the grass.

Sunshade the SuperDALE - Miss Sunshade is an airedale who knows how to unlock her owner's car door when the keys are locked in it and blogs along with her nephew.  

To Aire is Divine - Written by Bogart, a pure-bred airedale terrier and handsome devil. This one has won a number of awards - Bogart writes about living the good life in L.A.

Waiting for Fei - Fei is living in Japan, and blogs with her owner about the canine life in Asia (and getting shoved like sardines into a train).

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