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Fleas are an extreme annoyance to pet owners, and to their pets. If you've got a dog, chances are at some point it is going to get fleas. This is especially true of larger dogs - they often have to go outside more, and many people don't have a yard big enough to take them outside in. They'll have to go to public parks, with other dogs, who will spread them around. This page will tell you a little about them and what to do when your dog gets infested.


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How to deal with them:

    Fleas can be a hassle. They can also cause serious health problems for your dog, including anemia, tapeworms, and allergic dermatitis. You really need to get rid of them, even apart from the annoyance factor. You can use a number of techniques to get rid of dog fleas - first, try to get them off the dog. Flea baths, shampoos, and flea dips will accomplish this. Also rely on regular grooming - it will keep a good chunk of the dog fleas off of your animal.

You also need to treat any place where your dog is liable to go. Flea control requires that you treat your dog's bedding, the yard, and any place he or she hangs out. There are a number of products on the market, and you can read about many on this site. Two of the big ones are Frontline and Advantage, which are basically medicines that you apply periodically during flea season and are highly effective.

Vacuum, and vacuum regularly. You can pick up a number of fleas and their eggs this way. But, be sure to put something in the vacuum bag to kill off the adults, otherwise they'll just get out again. A cut-up piece of a flea collar is often useful for this. You could also try moth crystals or other things poisonous to bugs for something to get rid of the ones that get sucked up in the vacuum.

Useful Links:

This site has several pictures up of what dog fleas look like (at all stages of their life). It's also got some more information on dealing with them.

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