What kinds of dog leashes are there?

You've got a number of different options these days when you want to walk your dog. From traditional leashes to harnesses, it is a lot easier to make sure that even the most aggressive dog stays on its leash. You can get a longer or shorter one and give as much or as little slack as you want to, depending on how apt the dog is to try a stunt like running into the street or jumping on somebody.


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Here are a couple of the new types of dog leashes:

26 Foot Retractable Dog Leash - $35.99 and is available online here.

The retractable one is a new option for dog owners. This one works on dogs up to 110 pounds. Basically, it's a device that lets you lengthen or shorten the leash as you see fit. That's really good for if you take walks in the park but might come near to some streets - when you're out where it's safe for the dog to wander around, you can lengthen it. You can shorten it when you get near a street or another dog. It gives you much more control over the dog on walks.


Leather Leashes - This is available here for $21.99. It's a more traditional leash - 6 feet long and made of leather, with a little clip to stick it onto the dog's collar. Leather is tough enough as a material that it would be very difficult for the dog to break it, so you've got something firm if you have a dog that likes to pull really hard on the leash.


Hands Free Leashes - This one is available online for $19.49. This is a neat idea for a leash. Basically, you're just tying the dog to yourself, so you don't have to hold onto it the whole time. That's great for a couple of situations: either if you like to jog or run on your own with the dog or if you have had trouble actually holding onto the leash (i.e., the dog runs and it comes out of your hand). You're not going to lose hold of this one, but just make sure that your dog isn't big enough to pull you to the ground if it's that aggressive.

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