Pyoderma in Dogs

Pyoderma is a skin infection that is fairly common in dogs. Pyodermas can occur in the outer skin itself, in a hair follicle, or deep inside the skin underneath the follicle. The infection can be caused by a number of different bacteria, but probably the most common is a staph infection.


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What are the symptoms?

Usually you will see red areas of the dog's skin that have scabs on them. They will be itchy to the dog, so you will see repeated scratching of the area. You might also see pimples and canine abscesses in the dog's skin. These are pretty generic symptoms that can be produced by other skin conditions or infections as well.

What causes it?

You usually don't see it in healthy dogs, and it mostly shows up as a secondary reaction to something else. This can include allergic reactions to fleas, chemicals, or other parasites - the allergies affect the skin and make it more vulnerable to infection. Likewise, immune system problems can make a pet vulnerable to pyodermas.

Are there any remedies?

There are several OTC ointments you can use, such as Oxydex Gel. However, because the symptoms are kind of generic, you need to be careful about treating it without talking to a vet. The gels won't do anything if it is a more serious skin condition. The other problem is that because it is usually caused by a primary problem that is unrelated, you won't be treating that.

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