Is there a sunscreen for dogs?

Yes, there is actually sunscreen made specifically for dogs. They can be hurt by excessive sunlight because their skins are a little more sensitive than people, so using an animal specific version can be a good idea. Also, they might eat the human sunscreen, which is not always safe to do.


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Why would you even want to - it sounds so weird?

Yeah, but some dogs and cats are at risk of skin cancer. If they have white fur, it is going to reflect light around - and their nose in particular, as well as the inside of their ears, will be getting a heavy duty dose of UV rays. Many people find this out the hard way. It's better to put a little dab on the dog's nose and on any other exposed skin if you have a dog with white colored fur.

Where can I buy sunscreen for dogs?

There is a company called Doggles that makes it, and you can get it here:

Doggles Pet Sunscreen (2 oz)

You can use this on a cat too, but it's made specifically for dogs. They do call it "pet sunscreen" just because some cat owners might let theirs outside and need it too - but most people who need it are people taking dogs for a walk.

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