What are dog tie outs?

A dog tie out is basically just a longer leash. It's designed to let you tie your dog to a tree, etc. in your yard and let it still have some room to roam around. This is great if you don't have a fence or if the dog has a habit of escaping. Just make sure to use these responsibly. The big no-no's are leaving your dog tied up most of the time (it's fine to leave it outside to let it play, but dogs need human interaction and don't need to be tied to a tree 24/7) or leaving it tied in a way that could injure the dog (too tight on the neck, stuff for it to get tangled in, etc).


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30 Foot Dog Tie Out - $5.29 and is available online here.

This one is for medium-sized dogs. It's got enough length that they have some room to run around and not just be stuck somewhere all day. There are swivel-hooks on each end.


Cider Mill Dog Tie-Outs - This is available here for $12.99. Similar to the one above, but made for larger dogs. It's also got a safety feature in the form of a "pulley stop" which is designed to make it harder for the dog to choke itself. It's also 30 feet long.

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